Frugalwoods, FIRE, and Philosophy​

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Today’s audio post is about two questions. What kind of a life do you want to live, and what can you change to live like that?

Our story is from the Frugalwoods who achieved financial independence and retired early to rural Vermont – but they are just characters in a universal story.

It’s about how to live.

We live this way and not that way because of our point of view. Stand over here and see one solution, stand over there and see another. Politics is an easy but vapid example. Instead, listen to the podcast and chew on these:

“At some point, we lose the ability to have clarity about what we know.” – Charlan Nemeth

“The most important thing Alan taught me was that it wasn’t about me – it was about the client.” Roz Hewsenian

At Harvard, Teddy Roosevelt wrote that he was, “comfortable, not rich.” In his final two years, he spent $2400 on clothes and club dues. A family of four could live on that much for six years.

Lastly, our point of view can be literal. “I’m 5’2” and there’s a whole world of apparel that’s not relevant to me.” Katrina Lake.


Thank you for reading and listening.

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