Summer Listening

The Behavioral Scientist listed their summer reading suggestions and it looks like a nice mix of new and old. But it’s also a long list at twenty-five books.

Most of us will not benefit from spending three-hours with Robert Frank (Russ Roberts excluded) but most of us will benefit from thirty minutes. Listening is like playing the idea lottery. A change in point-of-view could be worth forty-IQ.

In that spirt, here is a podcast list of interviews of the authors. I made the list so it’s a collection of podcast I listen to, recognize, or randomly selected.

If listening in browser isn’t your jam, then follower the link over to Listen Notes for the option to add the RSS to your podcast player of choice.

We believe that mediums matter and that this list of podcast episodes is not the same as the list of books. Though it’s the same people it’ll lead to different ideas, and that’s good.

If you think you might like Frank, consider this question: why do people buy wedding dresses but rent tuxedos when the former will be worn once  and the latter could be used again and again? If that’s interesting, check out Robert Frank’s work.

Also, if this playlist sounds perfect, you might like this bit of hour-long reading I put together. 

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