Andreessen and Horowitz on 10 years

Supported by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path. Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen were interviewed by Stewart Butterfield about their ten years at a16z. We’ll frame three rhetorical questions from the interview. How to start? Copy a16z started by copying Michael Ovitz’s model at CAA. Horowitz said, “We probably saved five years … Continue reading “Andreessen and Horowitz on 10 years”

Adventures with Amazon

Supported by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path. Brent Beshore and the crew have a page on their website dedicated to Amazon, comparing the company to a gorilla and the Borg. They step cautiously around businesses that might enter that Seattle based gravitational field and that might pass the event horizon … Continue reading “Adventures with Amazon”


How to create a direct to consumer company (the Harry’s Razor template) The TWIST podcast between Jason Calacanis and Andy Katz-Mayfield was a wonderful hour about company creation. Katz-Mayfield told stories about starting Harry’s, and Calacanis asked thoughtful questions about the experience. As I listened I wondered, what if Katz-Mayfield’s experience isn’t just his own … Continue reading “Harry’s”

Scott Adams III

Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) talked with Tim Ferriss (@TFerriss) about affirmations, inspiration, and Donald Trump. This is the third Adams post here, check out #47 and #112 with James Altucher. Our table of contents: Affirmations. God Debris and creativity. Goals and systems. 4 pieces of work advice. Affirmations. Okay. Let’s get the elephant out of the … Continue reading “Scott Adams III”

#108 Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday (@RyanHoliday) joins James to talk about hard work, meeting the right people, and creating win-win situations. Holiday has written three books; Trust Me, I’m Lying, Growth Hacker Marketing, and The Obstacle Is the Way. Holiday was a previous guest in episode #18. What I liked about Holiday’s interviews is that he tells James, … Continue reading “#108 Ryan Holiday”