Are older people worse politicians? (& 4 good questions)

CBS News presents a survey suggesting people want younger politicians. Okay, sounds great! But not so fast. We’ve got questions. Why am I seeing this? Courtesy of Sir David Spiegelhalter, this question wants us to consider why this is on a screen eighteen inches from our nose. Is it because it’s essential information for the… Continue reading Are older people worse politicians? (& 4 good questions)

Bad sales

When Labor Day Sales are bad. All actions are homeotelic or heterotelic. Good business strategy is homeotelic, single actions work toward multiple goals. Aldi has a good strategy. Dominos has a good strategy. Trinny of London has a good strategy. Good strategy balances what’s made, how it’s delivered, and how it’s communicated: product, placement, promotion.… Continue reading Bad sales

Placement, Promotion, Product (Genesis)

Businesses have to do many things to succeed. But three areas encompass those many things: placement, promotion, and product. Where is this sold? The placement includes distribution, retail (shelf space), shipping, etc. How is it promoted? Also known as ‘marketing’ but includes how the customers understand the value. What is sold? The ‘thing’. What are… Continue reading Placement, Promotion, Product (Genesis)