Argue Zell

One trait of great business leaders (seems to be) a willingness to hear dissenting opinions. It takes a seed of humility that will sprout a culture where ‘arguing well’ can survive. Michigan Dean, Scott DeRue told Sam Zell: “I’ve met a number of your employees and one of the things that’s universal when they talk … Continue reading Argue Zell

The person in your network you might not get along with…

Purchases are admissions of value. The buyer values the item more than the seller. For minor purchases we mostly go with ease (see Peloton). For larger purchases we quantify earnings per share or dollar per square foot or miles per gallon. In these big areas, the largest gains come with the largest differences in value, … Continue reading The person in your network you might not get along with…

Curated Creativity

Broadly there are 3 ways to spend a day online. – trends, the algorithm or human generated headlines – feeds, the self selected sources – search, the internet queries of Wikipedia articles, travel plans, and what-is-my-kid’s-teacher’s-email Articulating the ways helps distinguish when we are, or aren’t in a helpful place. On days when it’s time … Continue reading Curated Creativity


Supported by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path. People view acts of omission—the absence of an act—as far less intrusive or harmful than acts of commission—the committing of an act—even if the outcomes are the same or worse. Psychologists call this omission bias, and it expresses itself in a broad range of … Continue reading Omissions