Bill Gurley

Supported by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path. The podcast with Bill Gurley and Patrick O’Shaughnessy about direct listings and initial public offerings was financially, technologically and psychologically interesting. I don’t know if Gurley’s emphasis is appropriate, but it’s clear what he needs to do, reframe the situation. Gurley and O’Shaughnessy expect that… Continue reading Bill Gurley

CAC Pack

Patrick O’Shaughnessy asked about clever customer acquisitions. The replies are pretty good. In college, I played ultimate frisbee. Recruiting was kind of difficult. The traditional method was to buy card stock table tents and litter the dorm eateries. That seemed cluttered to me. I took our marketing money and subsidized t-shirts to $5 each. One… Continue reading CAC Pack

Fat Bottom Tails Make the Complex World Go Round

This is an attempt at understanding R0 (reproductive number) as more than a numbing number. View these notes as less definitive.  In his (2014) paper Risking It All: Why are public health authorities not concerned about Ebola in the US?, Yaneer Bar-Yam writes about why R0 isn’t an even distribution. One April report noted the coronavirus… Continue reading Fat Bottom Tails Make the Complex World Go Round