What’s this place optimized for?

Everything around us, notes Jason Crawford, is a solution. It may be a ‘local maxima’ rather than a ‘global maxima’, but everything around us is the best idea we’ve had yet (given the culture and incentives). And these solutions all influence our decision. The punchline to behavioral sciences, says Kristen Berman is environment, environment, environment. … Continue reading What’s this place optimized for?

Ben Falk

Supported by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path. Update: This is a two-parter. First, the update from Falk on Wharton Moneyball¬†and below from his podcast with Zach Lowe. Getting lucky. When asked how he got started in analytics Falk said: “The short answer is right place, right time.” “But also the right … Continue reading Ben Falk