#54 Jimmy Wales

James Altucher interviewed Jimmy Wales (@Jimmy_Wales) to talk about his history and daily role as the co-founder of Wikipedia, gamification, and how Wikipedia might expand. Wales joined Altucher after listening to a session on women leadership at the UN. He mentions some charitable work he heard about, and said that this charity is a “global … Continue reading “#54 Jimmy Wales”

#84 Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich (@benmezrich) joined James Altucher to talk about writing, infectious disease, and the real information highway (it’s not the internet, but contains some of the same content). Mezrich has a new book out, Q, “basically it’s about quarantine law and what happened if a crazy Ebola like disease hit New York.” Mezrich has an … Continue reading “#84 Ben Mezrich”

#62 Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins joined James Altucher to talk about his book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. The conversation explores many ideas and stories from the book and besides getting the Tony Robbins attitude, the interview provides a nice overview of what the book offers. Altucher begins the interview by telling Tony … Continue reading “#62 Tony Robbins”

#83 Simon Rich

Simon Rich joined Altucher to talk about his new show, the architecture of his jokes, and how much the people around us matter. This was Rich’s second interview with Altucher, here are the notes from round one. Altucher gets right to it, asking Rich about what it’s like to have a new show and Rich … Continue reading “#83 Simon Rich”

#52 Simon Rich

James Altucher interviewed Simon Rich about writing, writing for Saturday Night Live, reading for writing, and did I mention writing. Despite the singular subject it was entertaining throughout. One note, there were a lot of books mentioned in this episode, and I’ve included links to them here, just make sure you’re logged into Amazon. Rich … Continue reading “#52 Simon Rich”

#81 Astro and Danielle Teller

Astro (@astroteller) and Danielle Teller joined James to talk about marriage, divorce, constructs, rules, and what really matter for raising happy, healthy kids. Rather than an overall summary of the episode, here are 10 lessons. From Amazon, here is a snippet of summary, “In the same way that Esther Perel’s bestselling Mating in Captivity gave couples … Continue reading “#81 Astro and Danielle Teller”