“Aviation porn”

Jobs-to-be-done is one of our favorite topics because the examples are just so much fun. Here is another.

“What we are trying to do is what I call ‘aviation porn’. The reason people subscribe to Flying (magazine) is because of the beautiful photography, the long form evergreen articles, and the fact that when their friends and family come over they see the aviation publication. It takes a lot of work and effort to become a pilot and the people that are pilots are super dedicated to it and want to show their friends.”

Craig Fuller, Think Like an Owner podcast

Fuller explained that when he took over the magazine there was a push to go more digital, and he did that, but not without forgetting the JTBD of the print magazine.

Made up start up: Showzam

When the iPhone 3g came out, one of the most impressive apps was Shazam. Through some techno-magic, the app could identify a nearby song. This, was a big deal for me because I’ve always been terrible at knowing names and understanding lyrics. My most egregious sin, according to my wife’s family was mistaking Elvira for ‘hell-fire-up’.

Besides this mistake, my wife has only one other problem with me, interrupting television shows to ask questions. With different chronotypes, she will watch one more episode which after two weeks means she’s a season ahead.

Here the pitch: Shazam but for television shows. A person opens the app and the service detects which show is on in the room. Then it pulls up a synopsis of the plot, who the characters are, and where they’ve been. Like the recap shows run. After a skim, the second person can join in and know what the hell is going on.

The potential monetization is large. Like Roku or Amazon, the app can earn affiliate fees as people pay to sign up for other services. Showzam can also earn advertising dollars with dynamic advertising and with data collection on searches, see what is popular and monetize that information in a variety of ways.

Whether Showzam would work like Shazam I have no idea and it seems like a much more difficult technology problem. However, there’s a need and JTBD .