BONUS: Mid-December Ask Altucher Summary

This is a test post to see if there is interest in the Ask Altucher posts. If you like this please let me know.

#166 Do You Believe in Intuition?

James is having a great time with his Airbnb rental in Miami when he compares human chess to computer chess and says that intuition is more like a subconscious compiling of our experience. In business James says “what makes or breaks you is the type of people you associate with.” With experience we start to find the good people and the not so good ones, but this isn’t easy. He references his interview with Peter Thiel and notes that the key to success is solving difficult problems.

After a meeting James will consider a worse-case scenario for each person he deals with. See also “pre-mortem.”

James suggests that we can develop our intuition by reading books, Claudia says that journaling has helped her. (Have you tried a decision journal?)

#167 How Long Should You Date Before Having Sex?

This question is from a woman who “needs to know soon.”

“Don’t be afraid to have three months of dating.” James and Claudia both suggest on focusing on the big stuff – one of which is sex but to remember it’s not the only thing.

#168 How Do You Get That Final 1% Finished?

James is moving to Florida and looking to hold meetups. The question about finishing comes from an engineer who gets 99% of a project done, but can’t seem to finish. What can he do?

James says he can “totally relate” and one way he finished a book was to hire an editor to do that last bit. Another tip is to clean up the whole area around you. A tip that happiness author Gretchen Rubin believes in too. Second, list what good your project will do. Third, imagine you’ve already accomplished the project and focus on how good that feels.

In this episode James shares his current reading list:

#169 The Key to Success in Life

Claudia is cooking mashed cauliflower and James wonders what happens if they add avocado. Ugh.

James shares his key to success; “the key to success in life is what you do in the morning.” Forget about staying up late the night before because if you feel crappy the next morning, you’ll feel crappy all day. Altucher sets up his day the night before; limiting his screen time, eating right, and going to sleep early.

James takes a moment to be grateful and visualize what he wants to happen that day. A technique called priming that Tony Robbins said on the Bryan Koppelman podcast. He finds even the smallest things to be grateful for, something Dr. Wayne Dyer says we can all find just in being alive.

Claudia asks James about feeling guilty about eating when so many people don’t and he tells her that no he doesn’t because what would that solve. Scott Adams calls this the right selfishness, that by taking care of yourself first you can take care of others. Flight attendants call this, putting on your own mask first.

James said that everything he does is based on staying healthy, mediation, exercise, and reading.

After two hours, James will spend a few hours of writing (starting with his idea list). “Those moments from 5-10am that sets the day for success.”

For more morning rituals check out Daily Rituals.

#170 What’s The Best Way to Crowdfund?

Claudia shares a few crowdfunding things she’s followed and they call Clay Hebert about crowdfunding.

Clay says he sees a difference between artists and entrepreneurs where the latter feel odd about asking for money. Alex Blumberg said this idea is true for the public radio world too. It may be changing though. The Frontline documentary Generation Like shares that kids don’t know what the word “sell out” means and that the expectation is to sell out. Their idea is to build stuff for free and then get a sponsor or product to promote. They are comfortable with what Amanda Palmer calls The Art of Asking.

For crowdfunding, Clay has a few suggestions:

  • Ask for as little money as you need. The Coolest Cooler failed when they asked for a lot, when they dropped their minimum though they became the biggest Kickstarter in history.
  • The press needs a hook, crushing your goal becomes that hook.
  • But that press needs to be focused and niche or big to act as a testimonial. (See his page above for an example)
  • Nobody wants a digital high five, instead make a valuable first level reward.
  • Tell a good story in a video; “address the problem you are solving in the first ten seconds.”
  • Think about the first ten people that will buy your product. Also, read 1,000 True Fans.
  • Market your product (get a landing page) before running crowdfunding.

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