We’re back



This is a short post. Part I explains why I tried out Medium, and then why I left. Part II are links to things I  published there that you may have missed.

Part I

Well, after two weeks of publishing on Medium.com, I’m back. The short answer for why is that Medium is messy.

The main reason I switched to Medium – this site is hosted on WordPress – was because I wanted to experiment with shorter posts, and thought a new place might help. These posts are longer, and a new environment can shift how someone works. J.K. Rowling moved to a castle to finish Harry Potter.*

While I’m no Rowling, I thought the change would be good – and it was, okay.

I didn’t dislike Medium, but I didn’t like it either.  Writing there delineated parts of my process that I hadn’t noticed. For example, I use Markdown for links to my other posts. This process makes my writing a lot faster. Not until I switched to Medium did I realize how much faster.

I should have expected this. B.J. Novak and Casey Neistat both mentioned that software doesn’t matter as much as what you do with it. That’s obvious. The key part is that I could do a lot more, better, with what I was using. Novak writes in Word because he can do a lot more. 

Medium is also messy, a few people reached out to say they didn’t like wading through the mess to find what I wrote. Besides being flattered, I felt the same way. Sometimes I would get notifications for articles like “How to use Snapchat emojis” or “3 ideas for the future.” Meh.


This blog is back, (back baby!) and will look like this: long form posts on Mondays and Wednesdays. Friday will be the post that goes along with my podcast. I’m finishing Season 1 of Mike’s Notes, you can see all the episodes at Soundcloud, iTunes, or Overcast.

I’m outlining Season 2 right now and am really excited about it.

Part II

Besides writing a book that debunks the surviror bias in startups, here are the other posts I published.

3 Things I Learned:

3 Things I Learned from Bob Seawright. Don’t be complacent with your decision making.

3 Things I Learned from Gary Vaynerchuk. Good things take time.

3 Things I Learned from DHH. What scripts do you follow? What scripts should you follow?

Podcast posts.

011 Finish Line Fallacy. Don’t run someone else’s race.

012 Constraints. Don’t look at limits as a bad thing.

Thanks for reading, I’m @mikedariano on Twitter.

*technically Rowling wrote at the Balmoral Hotel.

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