Introducing the Mental Models Podcast


No notes today, two bits of housekeeping.

1/ A new podcast.

I really enjoyed my first podcast season: Mike’s Notes. That season was a cousin to  the things I wrote here. I explained things like optionality, the XMBA, and how to solve hard things in audio form.

The second season, titled Mike’s Mental Models, will be about the mental models that I’ve studied and used. If season 1 was more inspirational and tactical, season 2 will be more about thinking about thinking.

You can catch up on episode #00 where I explain my approach, and #01 about Gordian knots and Chesterton fences. Show notes and links to the episodes are here:

2/ Notes about Sam Hinkie’s resignation letter.

After reading Sam Hinkie’s resignation letter a few times I thought “there’s really something here.” So I took notes, thinking I would incorporate it into this site.

Well, the notes got really long so I decided to let it stand on its own. You can buy those notes at They’re written just like this blog, so let that be your guide.

Next week we’ll be back with more of the regular stuff.

Thanks for reading, I’m @mikedariano on Twitter.

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