Albert Wenger

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After Albert Wenger was on Patrick’s O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like The Best Podcast I thought, this guy sounds fascinating, I gotta see what else he’s said. Hours – really days – later with viewed YouTube videos, exhausted podcasts, and creased pages from his book, World After Capital here are three things I learned from Wenger.

1/ The steps to thesis-driven investing. These including understanding the thesis deeply (i.e. network effects don’t overlay old businesses) and changing your thesis as others come in.

“To me, the idea of having a thesis is a little like the idea behind science.”

2/ Crypto-currency and techno-economic revolutions with a specific focus on the work of Carlotta Perez.

“My view is that when the dust settles there will be a dozen or so protocols that matter and to get to the ones that matter we’re going to have to try thousands if not tens of thousands.”

“The zero-knowledge position is that your best prediction for how long something will be around is how long it has been around. That predictor is very very powerful.”

3/ The World After Capital, why we need to sell the sizzle with the steak.

“We have failed to provide a good forward-looking narrative.”


Thanks for listening, and of course, the book’s pages were only metaphorically creased.


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