Nudgestock 2018

Sponsored by Greenhaven Road Capital, finding value off the beaten path.

The big idea from the Nudgestock 2018 conference was to make small changes for big effects.

There were nine speakers, but a few more were referenced so, I took notes on 13 total.

Here were my favorite parts:

  • Caroline Webb uses behavioral economics on herself. This never occurred to me.
  • Rory Sutherland noted why the replicability crisis/circus isn’t a problem, at least for him.
  • Nicholas Christakis and Albert-László Barabási gave fascinating talks about networks, and how we interact. Barabási also shared the insight for why the Kevin Bacon game works.
  • Mark Brooks talked about dating fast and slow.
  • Steve Krug made me laugh. For context, his book is titled, “Don’t Make Me Think.”
  • Tricia Wang talked about Nokia vs iPhone and big data vs thick data.
  • Bent Flyvbjerg talked about megaprojects and the planning fallacy.




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