Simmons and Gladwell

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Are Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell good decision makers? Yes, yes they are. In this episode we’ll explore how they make good decisons, the narrative fallacies that trip us all up, and why understanding does not imply aggreement.

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The biggest issue is that the world has always been what David Epstein calls Wicked. This is fine except people operate as if it’s Kind. It’s a fisticuffs face-off between the complexity of the world and the simple humans.

The episode touches on four points about how we can make better decisions.

  1. We can trust computers, when relevant, like in the Deep Patient Study.
  2. We can remind ourselves and others that retweets are not endorsements and understanding is not agreement.
  3. We can built our toolboxes to have more problem solving tools.
  4. We can choose the right (and inexpensive) metrics like Rory Sutherland, Bill Belichick, and Billy Beane.

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