Drizzle as marketing


We made this for the Fourth of July. There were delicious. They were also tedious. 

We microwaved a block of white chocolate and used kabob sticks to carefully dip each pretzel into the creamy confection. It required careful speed. Go too quickly and the ratio of chocolate to pretzels was off. Go too slowly and the chocolate vat stiffened but the ratio was better. 

The next time we’ll drizzle the pretzels. The next time we’ll lay them flat and drizzle spoonfuls of white chocolate and red-white-and-blue sprinkles. It would have tasted just as good, looked just as nice, and it would have been drizzled. Think about something that’s been ‘drizzled’ compared to dipped or dunked or plunged. Each of those words carries a different meaning. Each of those words has a tiny bit of Alchemy. 

Businesses succeed by delivering value to customers as well as keeping some value for themselves. Reframing by renaming is an easy way to do just that. 

These ideas are everywhere. Sometimes, like the case of our patriotic pretzels, it can be more work to provide less value. The next time I’ll be delivering some Drizzled Delights rather than chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.  

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