Fire causes

There’s a few ways to be paid for work. One is monetary. Another is pleasure. A third is knowledge through experience. Framing work this way means someone always ‘gets paid’.

A friend posted on the neighborhood Facebook group that he cleaned his dryer vent and it was full of stuff *after only three years*. ‘Oof, I thought, and ordered a cleaning kit on Amazon. But do I need it?

About one in twenty-five homes has a fire each year. Half of all fires are cooking related and another sixth are from heating equipment. About one in ten are electrical related and 3% of those are due to dryer related fires. So all told, about 0.012 percent of homes in the United States have a dryer related fire each year. That’s an already low base rate, mix in a newer home and the satisfaction I get from cleaning the lint trap and our odds are pretty dang low.

Though unlikely, this was still a good exercise. For one, cooking fires are more common than I thought. One in fifty homes? Each year? The damage may be small, these are fires reported and responded to, but it’s high enough to be a bit more careful in the kitchen. Second, I’ll be paid in experience, one of the best teachers a guy can ask for.

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