Circuit Breaker Substack

“There are so many people working so hard and achieving so little.”

Andy Grove

Bob Moesta has one of the most impactful perspectives on achieving more, and on his podcast with Greg Engel discusses how to make better products, better services, and more successes.

Their Circuit Breaker podcast covers:

  • how and why to unpack jargon: our loyal customers will buy this innovative healthy snack
  • that your product is the mustard on the sandwich in the customer’s lives
  • big hires and little hires

And more.

The Circuit Breaker Podcast Substack is my tribute to the show. Subscribe for a certain job. But first…

The LEGO company is one of the most successful organizations ever. Spanning nearly one hundred years, war, factory fires (three!), expansions and depressions, currency conversions, and Nintendo et. al. the toy company has survived and thrived.

Throughout LEGO’s history, there’s always been a manager who thought: the toy is great and people will find out. Let them come.

Throughout LEGO’s history, there’s also been a manager who knows: we have to sell this thing. We go to them.

People were busy, people are busy, and people will always be busy.

That’s the job of the email: subscribe because you are busy and you want a reminder about last week’s episode, further details, and more JTBD goodies.

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