All Barkers, No Biters

Our local bank sponsored a stand at a local fundraiser. Use our debit card the barkers offered, and we’ll donate ten cents to the local school’s scholarship fund

Our local school is great. Every graduate gets a scholarship based on the number of years at the school. 

The bank didn’t have many takers. 

How to solve this problem? Ask Chat GPT!

Meh. Fees, poor service, better offers or rates elsewhere, relocation. 

Not that helpful. 

According to Jobs theory, the aim is to understand the context, casual structures, and forces of progress. “Don’t think it works,” says Greg Engle about Chat GPT, “just because it spits out an answer.” 

As of April 2023, the best way to think about Chat GPT (or maybe any answer!) is as the tip of the iceberg. Good copywriting is based on the part of the iceberg we don’t see. So is Jobs. It’s why the barkers didn’t get many biters. 

We’re just a bunch of blind men around the elephant. Be curious. Explore. Seek the other parts. Dig in. 

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