Podcast Update #3

avatars-000203369713-p89s0v-t500x500You can subscribe to my podcast at the usual sources (033 was my favorite). Here are the links if needed:

Here are the episodes I’ve done so far.

023 Wesley Gray on stakeholders and culture. The type of person you have to answer to matters a lot and so does the culture (which you have to be there to figure out).

024 Warren Buffett. Five ideas from a short interview Buffett gave with CBS. It goes along with this post: https://thewaiterspad.com/2016/07/13/warren-buffett/

025 Neville Isdell, former Coca Cola CEO. Lessons from a Coke lifer.

026 Early Warren Buffett. Another Buffett podcast, this time focusing on his early letters.

027 Jack Schwager. Backup plans, tailwinds, and waiting for the right pitch.

028 What happened to Yahoo? The blog post for this episode got a lot of hits. It also serves as an inverted example to what Schwager talked about in 027.

029 The beginning of UNC soccer. Part of the reason UNC soccer has been dominate is the way they started. This episode looked at four features anyone can apply.

030 The coach of UNC soccer, Anson Dorrance. Dorrance preaches effort and in this episode we looked at how that relates to Sisyphean tasks.

031 Andy Grove. This one was fun. Grove was a brilliant leader and his book Only the Paranoid Survive served as the backbone for this episode and the post.

032 Michael Mauboussin. Also fun. Mauboussin talked with Barry Ritholtz about a slew of good thinking ideas. This was the podcast that accompanied the post I wrote.

033 Lessons from Mission Control. MY FAVORITE ONE. What can we learn from the person who was the flight director for the Apollo space missions?

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