An Attitude of Factfullness

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An audio post (per your requests) about the book Factfullness. In this episode, we’ll look at the numbers (from A or Z to A to Z), the world (it changes), and the brain (it’s fast). I’ll also suggest some solutions like getting distance, asking ‘What’s cheaper than a helicopter?’, and the advantages of travel.

Hans Rosling’s is a nice contribution to the literature of books like A Field Guide to Lies, The Half-Life of Facts, How to Lie with Statistics, and How Not to Be Wrong. What makes Rosling’s book different (and excellent) is the gusto. It’s a book written by calloused hands. The words on the page are the same that he spoke in Davos. The thoughts are important and the thinking is too.

You can get the podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Overcast.

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