Da Moon

Via Reddit.

“My parents are everything to me. They’ve worked their asses off to raise me and my two little siblings, starting with nothing as immigrants. They’re in the restaurant business and the pandemic forced them to burn through a large chunk of their savings, and they stress out over finances every single day. My dad always told me one day he’ll retire once the house is paid off, and that day is finally here.”

The OP dollar cost averaged their way to six Bitcoin for an estimated $240,000. “Thank you bitcoin community for all the memes and bullshit TA threads. I’ve reached my moon.”

We denominate freedom in money (the number) and sometimes get caught in this metric. But personal financial success seems to be mostly choosing from the good options, having good luck, and remembering da moon. Inverted: it’s not getting caught up with the Jones family.

With the 2020/2021 run it’s been a treat to see the Reddit stories about paying down debts, hitting marks, and people cashing out.

There’s certainly luck, but for OP there’s also brains and heart.

OP: Original Poster

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