Fire hoses and tea cups

There are three ways to spend your days online. The broadest consumption of information is the Trend. A curated collection of information is the Feed. A laser focus is the Search. The best way depends on the situation. An ‘end of’ moment has more Search. A start has more Trend.

It’s not simple to know which way to spend a day but Jason Zweig beautifully addresses the balance of the three ways, the feeling of FOMO, and offering tactical advice on how to spend your day.

“If you’re drinking from a fire hose, which we all are, then the only sensible thing you can do is let it run. There’s no point in trying to put your face in front of the fire hose and open your mouth as wide as you can and take it all in. What I do is let the fire hose run and then once or twice a day take a little tea cup and dip it into the fire hose and pull it out and see if I like what I found.” – @JasonZweigWSJ, The Long View

This style of checking in feels slow. But then again, what does the work need? “Any recommendation to take action,” Zweig told Shane Parrish, “has to be compelling enough to overcome the inherent intrinsic advantage of just sitting there.” We design our own performance architecture and metaphors like fire hoses and tea cups helps us think — at least like Jason Zweig.