Summer 2020 definitions

These are the additions to the full list below.

Advice (verb). A suggestion based on unstated conditionals.

Breath mint (noun). Candy with branding. See also: muffin/cupcake and flower/weed.

Groupthink (verb). Interpersonal incentives plus culture.

Reality index (noun). Via Dana Gioia. About his best teachers Gioia said, “They were older men who had served in the military in World War II. That had given them a kind of reality index about what the purposes of literature were.”

Two tickets and twenty dollars. (expression). From Thomas Tull noting that good marketing is to the people who are convinced. I could give my mother two tickets and twenty dollars and she wouldn’t go to this movie.

Sampling bias (psychological state). When a spouse asks, have you ever lied to me and you reply No, not that I can remember.


We put a man on the moon but…. (expression). When people confuse the rules of one system for another. We put a man on the moon but we can’t fix the summer reading gap.

If you really study it”. (expression) a signal someone hasn’t changed their mind but is willing to capitalize on the current trend. 

Assumption (noun): To make a theory into a law. This is not an issue because of Moore’s Law.

Middleman (noun). (1) the person who facilitates a transaction (2) the person screwing you in a transaction (3) the previous person who screwed you in a transaction, not this new innovator, no-sir not this new person, I will NOT ever complain about this new person. 

Sludge Audit (verb). Evaluating the red-tapes, hoops, and frictions in a process. I’m going to batch these customer feedbacks and see if there’s a theme, then I’ll conduct a sludge audit to see how our processes can be improved

Performance architecture (noun). The design of “structures to make better decisions and perform at optimal levels.” The last thing I do each day is write in my decision journal because it’s part of my performance architecture. 

Crash (verb). A drastic change in the market with negative effects due to one’s time horizons. The market crash means Bob won’t be able to retire in two years. See also: Correction.

Correction (verb). A drastic change in the market with neutral effects due to one’s time horizons. The market correction means Alice will be buying more Bitcoin and hodling. See also: Crash.

Franchise Fees (noun). Customer acquisition cost. Chipotle for example..

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