Mike’s Mental Models (#5-#8)


New episodes have been published to this series. I’ve started to add clips rather than just reading quotes in the episodes. It’s rough, but I like it. If you’ve been listening let me know what you think.

Show links are at https://medium.com/mikes-mental-models. Episodes are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Overcast. Here’s what I’ve talked about so far.

#07 – Small Barriers.

#06 – Survivor Bias.

#05 – Examples from Dan Carlin’s Common Sense podcast.

#04 – Part of the reason thinking.

#03 – The three filters.

#02 – Alternative histories.

#01 – Gordian knots and Chesterton fences.

#00 – An introduction to the season.

Thanks for reading, I’m @mikedariano on Twitter.

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