Red Teaming like Bill Belichick

In the first post on Bill Belichick I noted that it was part of a larger work in progress. That work is done.

It’s an e-book available on – free from October 12 through October 15.

It’s shortish, about 7,000 words, and looks at five red team tools that Bill Belichick uses.

  1. Inversion. Turn the question around, ask the opposite, figure out how to fail.
  2. Pattern recognition. Avoiding mistakes because you’ve learned your lesson is a powerful force.
  3. Culture. What the boss says and does.  
  4. Counterfactuals. What else could have happened and why didn’t it?
  5. Argue well. Focus on the truth and put egos and agendas aside.

The e-book covers a lot of the same ground that this blog does, some of the stories and ideas are the same. If you like this blog, you’ll like this.

If you’re curious, read the Belichick post. That post largely resembles point number one of the book.



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