Successful Ways to Use Twitter

Twitter gets mentioned here a lot, and it needed its own post. Like any tool, knowing how to use it well makes the work we’re doing that much easier.

So far we’ve seen 4 ways to use Twitter well.

(This post will be updated as needed)

Connect with colleagues.

The first way to use Twitter well is to be connect and collaborated with colleagues. Austin Kleon advocates for creating your own “scenius.” John August uses Twitter to announce writing sprints. Nicholas Megalis talked about the value of connecting with other people.

Create a filter.

Scott Adams notes how reticular activation helps him.That is, you can use Twitter to filter inspiration. See if Gary Vaynerchuk does it for you.

Chris Dixon uses Twitter to create a his own news source. “Essentially I have two thousand of the smartest people in the world finding information for me and telling me what to read,” Dixon says.

Bust your biases.

You can use Twitter to get balanced conclusions. Jason Zweig, Tadas Viskanta, and Tren Griffin all suggested to generate conclusions from multiple perspectives. Twitter can be one where we gather those perspectives, but also test the ones we have. We can follow people we disagree with just to see how well we know our own arguments.

Connect with fans.

Amanda Palmer connects with her fans constantly. Casey Neistat uses it to get questions for his Q/A. Comedians like Judah Friedlander announce shows.

Thanks for reading, I (of course), am on Twitter @mikedariano.

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